Meagan was professional in her approach and in making suggestions for improvements to my original manuscript. She made some very valuable contributions to the end result and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other writers in search of professional editing expertise.

Alex Moritt, author of Impromptu Scribe


Proofreading is a final edit that happens after the material appears in its final form. Proofreading is required for:

  • Manuscripts after the book has been typeset
  • Promotional material (signage, press releases, brochures, websites)
  • Academic material (dissertations, theses, journal articles)
  • Business/non-profit documents (company memos, contracts, grants)


Indexing non-fiction material (literary or academic) is itself an art. An indexer reads the manuscript and selects not only key names and terms but ideas central to the material. These keywords are then sorted into an index in a manner intuitive for the reader. Once the manuscript is typeset and the pagination is finalized, page numbers are added to the index.